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Since 'The Passion of Baseball', the 350-page book of my life in this wonderful game, just received a very nice review via the Readers' Favorite Award Contest (see below) and the two-year anniversary of publication comes up in a few days, we are offering an autographed copy at a reduced price of $16 until Oct. 17. Orders are filled promptly at
Review #1: By Christian Sia of 'The Passion of Baseball' by Bob Wirz

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Reviewed By Christian Sia for Readers’ Favorite Book Reviews and Award Contest
The Passion of Baseball: A Journey to the Commissioner's Office of Major League Baseball by Bob Wirz is the story of the Kansas City Royals' first publicist, a man who spent more than a decade as spokesperson for commissioners Bowie Kuhn and Peter Ueberroth. Born in a small town in Nebraska, Bob Wirz dreamed of getting involved in major league baseball, and what follows is a breathtaking journey that will have readers mesmerized and utterly delighted. This is a tale of a dream come true, a journey from humble beginnings to great success. We encounter a young man passionate about baseball who eventually gets into the World Series, All-Star Game, and, surprisingly, the Hall of Fame. His success reaches its peak when he starts his own sports public relations and marketing firm, with major clients like the Rolaids Relief Man, Major League Baseball, and IBM. Follow Bob Wirz from his early days in Halsey, Nebraska, to the University of Nebraska at Lincoln, Denver, Kansas City and to the glitz of New York City.

Bob Wirz's story is one that will warm the hearts of baseball aficionados and sports fans in general. The author's gift for prose is exceptional and it comes out in his ability to capture key moments in the story, infusing them with the kind of emotion that readers can easily relate to. The writing is focused and it features vivid images that have stories of their own. I enjoyed the way Bob Wirz's passion for baseball comes out through the narrative and it is inspiring to encounter someone who lived their dream. Readers will find both inspiration and entertainment here. The Passion of Baseball: A Journey to the Commissioner's Office of Major League Baseball is one of those stories that encourage readers to pursue their dreams. It showcases the liberating power of daring to go after our heart's desires. Written in a compelling voice and infused with humor, The Passion of Baseball is filled with life lessons on success.

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