Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Dear Baseball Fans,

Today's contribution to this blog will be like nothing else we have given our baseball-hungry audience because it is to advise you of special coverage we will be offering during the month of major league Grapefruit and Cactus League exhibitions.

Even though we kick our regular subscriber-only Independent Baseball Insider coverage into high gear with weekly columns starting March 6, we will continue to bring you what we believe are very interesting stories and sidelights regarding Independent Baseball on this blog whenever we can. And here is the bonus. Starting Friday, February 29, and continuing every Monday, Wednesday and Friday until the exhibition season has ended we will bring you up to date on important news involving the nearly 50 former Independent players in major league camps here on www.IndyBaseballChatter.com.

Who is hot. What players may sneak onto a regular season roster or get added playing time. We will include appropriate game accomplishments (and some failures) plus quotes and statistics, when they mean something.

As always, we will be gathering information in a number of ways, including what I can offer firsthand from an extensive time traveling in Florida. We hope you will share the news of the spring training coverage with your fellow Independent Baseball fans. And when you spot something interesting that we have not reported, please let us know.

We also have another exciting development regarding Independent Baseball which we will be sharing with you in the days to come. We would like to think our columns, our book, The Independent Minor Leagues: 2007 Season in Review, and this blog all are services to fans of Independent Baseball.

Let the games begin.

Bob Wirz

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