Monday, November 12, 2007


We may not even been halfway through November, but the list of topics I cannot wait to get answers to about Independent Baseball is growing.

WHERE IS MATT MILLER GOING TO END UP? This sidearmer, who got his walking papers from Cleveland a few days ago, surely is going to give some major league bullpen another good arm. Miller, who almost certainly would not have had any professional baseball career if not for the old Big South and Texas-Louisiana leagues, told me last month he was confident his elbow problems were behind him and knew he could continue getting major league hitters--especially righthanders--out. He was pretty certain his days with the Tribe were numbered, but who wouldn't want to take a look at this reliever who had a 2.72 earned run average for 100 big league appearances.

WHO WILL GET THE UPPER HAND IN THE AMERICAN ASSOCIATION? Now that Kash Beauchamp has joined the established managerial ranks with the new Wichita Wingnuts, who will reign supreme? Beauchamp had the itch to get back into the dugout fulltime, and has already moved to the Kansas City, but this proven warrior still must content with the likes of onetime major league managers Tim Johnson (Lincoln) Terry Bevington (Shreveport) and successful Independent Baseball managers such as George Tsamis (St. Paul) and Chad Tredaway (Fort Worth). Sioux City is expected to name its replacement for Ed Nottle soon.

WHO WILL BASEBALL AMERICA CHOOSE NEXT? After honoring St. Paul (American Association) last fall and recently Long Island (Atlantic League) as Independent Franchise of the Year, who will be next? The publication will have plenty of choices to consider as some of the operations get better and better.

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