Monday, July 10, 2006


It is doubtful the Can-Am League could envision this when it elected to go with one division this season.

Entering play Monday and with only three days remaining in the first half of the split season, six of the eight teams were within one game of first place. I cannot help but wonder if this has ever happened previously in an Independent or affiliated league.

The only unfortunate part of it is that with several teams forced to cancel one or more games, a team could win based strictly on percentage points, but tied in the games-behind column.

The first place team qualities for post-season play while everyone else will need to fight for the second half crown or to have one of the best full season records. Four teams will get into the playoffs.

Sussex, NJ, with three games remaining, and Brockton, MA, which has four, shared the lead at 23-19 (.548). North Shore (Lynn, MA) and New Jersey (Little Falls, NJ) were one-half game off the pace at 22-19, with New Haven County, CT (23-20) also trailing by one-half game game. Worcester, MA, the defending champion, trailed by one game at 22-20.

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Paul said...

What an exciting race to the finish. The players and fans can't ask for much more. It's anybody's guess as to which team will finish first.

This league reminds me of the American and National leagues in the 50s and 60s when they each had eight teams in one division.

The exciting finish also reminds me of the final week of the 1967 season when four American League teams were tied for first place.


Anonymous said...

The players and fans can't ask for much more.

Actually, yes they can: They can ask for a title to be determined by each team playing the same number of games. North Shore, New Haven and/or Brockton could lose the same number of games, but the Cutters and/or the Rox would "win" the championship by virtue of playing two more games. Sussex and New Jersey could also lose the title by a half game.
The Spirit can also "win" by virtue of losing the least number of games, which isn't fair to New Haven or Brockton. Let the title be won with an even playing field, not the capriciousness of the weather, the umpires, or the league office.